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Digital scales (Cargoes reaching production plant go through a weight platform equipped with digital sensors, which are automatically integrated into a unified information system of the enterprise)

Ramp (acceptance of bulk cargo is carried out after weight and visual control of cargo on the acceptance ramp)

Containers (the received raw materials are stored in a warehouse of raw materials in closed containers, which receive a unique number when taking goods to the warehouse)

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The cleaning facilities (There are 4 cleaning lines with equipment from the Scandinavian manufacturers Kamas / Westrup and Damas at the factory. The capacity of the four lines is approximately 28 to 36 tons of raw material per shift (8 hours).The production line cleans up the poppy to the highest quality. Cleaning of the delivered goods takes place in two stages: through the cleaning line, when the primary purification of the raw material passes, and the raw material is cleared of weeds and other impurities; on a pneumatic table, with the final cleaning reaching a purity of at least 99.9%.

Cleaning (we offer services to farmers for poppy cleaning, packing and storing raw materials and finished products in our warehouse, as well as loading and unloading, pallet wrapping with a stretch film).

The laboratory (for raw materials delivered by farmer to the production there is an opportunity to make a test for the purity, analysis for germination, check the moisture of the poppy, as well as order microbiological and heavy metals test)

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Packing (packaging line allows packing of products in different types of bags and big bags. Up to client’s request, the poppy can be packed in 25-50 kg paper or polyethylene bags, as well as in big bags. There can be branded bags with company logo, blank bags with the customer's label)

Laboratory (There is a laboratory on the territory of the production complex. Experienced laboratory assistants regularly take poppy from each batch of goods as well as from each batch of raw materials. Laboratory checks the organoleptic properties of the product, as well provides information about the moisture and purity for the final product and raw materials)

Customs operator (Goods that are subject to international shipment can have custom procedure directly at the factory upon shipment, all documents necessary for custom clearance are provided to the driver upon prior agreement with the customer. The goods proceeded for customs at the factory can be transported directly to the border towards the customer)

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